Nature's portraits :
Drawings of wild fauna and flora in remote and urban settings 

Enjoy drawings of things living in the wild, right here In the Rockies and the Western United States.
Artist: Heidi A. Snyder

Page 6 contains drawings of species threatened by improper range management, based on field trips to Utah Canyon lands. The field trips were guided by botanist Dr. Mary O'Brien on behalf of Grand Canyon Trust. org. It was a wonderful learning experience.

Also visit my Native american-themed website at

Pencil rendering of a Mountain lion.

The book "Wild in the City" represents 4 years' worth of visiting reservoirs and parks in Lakewood, CO.  It contains our own drawings, photographs and text.

Available at and Barnes and Noble. 
A wonderful gift for the nature lover, gardener, birder, artist and environmentalist.
Nature Art, photography ,information and personal vignettes all rolled in one.

All drawings are done in pencil, for sale or available as prints, posters or greeting cards: please inquire.

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Page 2: songbirds, waterfowl and raptors
Page 3: insects, butterflies and reptiles
Page 4: botanical illustrations
Page 5 wild in the country

Page 6: species adversely affected by overgrazing

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