Nature's portraits :
Drawings of wild fauna and flora in remote and urban settings 

Born in Germany, Heidrun (Heidi) Snyder came to the U.S in 1975. A lifelong aficionado of plants, gardening, herbs and wildlife, she took up art as a profession in 2006.  Colored pencils are her preferred medium for her award-winning and detail driven art, and her subjects are almost any species in the West - along with their habitat.   Heidi's art has been featured in several publications ("Denver's Canopy", "Flourish",   "Rare I", "Rare II" ) and she is the co-author and co-artist with Dorothy DePaulo of "Wild in the City" - Fauna and Flora of Colorado Urban Spaces. (2016).  She continues to get recognition in national and international exhibits and has done field work with botanist Dr. Mary O'Brien to illustrate 12 species imperiled by overgrazing.

Heidi is a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and past and current president of the local chapter. She is also a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and the American Society of Botanical Artists, who awarded her and her co-artist a grant for "Wild in the City".

It is Heidi's mission to help close the gap between our natural surroundings and our knowledge thereof. In this pursuit she has depicted rare, imperiled, and common wild plant and animal species.  Heidi's work has been purchased by the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and can also be found in museums and private collections.  Through memberships and active involvement in many conservation and art organizations she hopes to continue her mission.

Nationally and internationally recognized pieces:

Opuntia engelmanii              

Creeping barberry

15"x22" representing  2"x 3" of real forest floor. Featured are Hair-cap moss, felt lichen and Ponderosa pine needles.
Netleaf hackberry
  Western Painted Turtle