Nature's portraits :
Drawings of fauna and flora in remote and urban settings 


Please feel free to share in the joy of nature's beauty which was the inspiration for these drawings.

Artist: Heidi A. Snyder

The book "Wild in the City" represents 4 years' worth of visiting reservoirs and parks in Lakewood, CO.  It contains our own drawings, photographs and text.

A wonderful gift for the nature lover, gardener, birder, artist and environmentalist.
Nature Art, photography ,information and personal vignettes all rolled in one.

At $25.- (including shipping in the continental US) a great bargain.
Contact Heidi Snyder at or 
                                                     facebook (messenger) @Heidi Snyder6

All drawings in the book and on the website are done in pencil, for sale, or available as prints, posters or greeting cards: please inquire.